Is hardwood or laminate flooring right for your home?

Info to help you make a decision about flooring options

So you’ve determined that you want a clean, finished, “woody” look. That’s a great first step. Now what? Choosing between hardwood and laminate.

Auugh . . . more decisions!!!

Like with many home design decisions, selecting flooring that works best for your home and lifestyle can be made easier by looking at some pros and cons. Here are a few things to consider when comparing hardwood and laminate flooring.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring typically is designed to imitate the look of wood but is in fact a multi-layer synthetic. Its core layer is manufactured primarily from melamine resin and fiber board with a top layer that’s an imprinted textured image made to look like real wood.

Over the years, laminate flooring has come a long way. It’s more durable and better-looking than ever, and affordability remains its most appealing aspect. Because of its strength, most laminate is very resistant to scratching, fading, staining and moisture. It’s also quick and fairly easy to install. And in terms of maintenance, laminate flooring is a breeze.

However, like any manufactured synthetic product, laminate is not as eco-friendly as a natural wood product both in terms of production and eventual disposal. And its life expectancy tops out at about 20 years.

Pros and cons of hardwood flooring

Obviously, the look and feel of real wood flooring is something that has no comparison. Wood adds value to any home, and its price reflects that fact. Unlike laminate, each piece of wood is one of a kind, so your floor’s grain patterns will be unique.

Installation and finishing can be more time-consuming and some maintenance is typically required every few years, but over time it has excellent longevity. And, opposed to laminate, spot repairs and refinishing are easily dealt with.

Deciding between hardwood and laminate? Talk to the experts at Comox Valley Floor Centre

Both laminate and natural wood flooring are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and price points. Depending on which rooms you are considering, and your particular housing situation, one option may be more suited to your home and lifestyle than another. Kids and pets, high-traffic areas, transition or retirement home – there are plenty of things to keep in mind!

Our experts will help you decide what works best for you and can make sure the installation proceeds smoothly. At Comox Valley Floor Centre, we carry the largest selection of stylish and affordable flooring options on the Island.

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Bullnose Tile & Stone – Rebelling Against Monotony


Why we love this made-in-BC tile flooring company

At CV Floors, we love local. We’re proud to serve the Comox Valley from our flooring showroom in Courtenay, BC, and we love carrying products from BC flooring distributors like Bullnose Tile & Stone.

Bullnose’s motto is “Rebelling against monotony,” and it shows in its eclectic range of tile flooring and wall tile products. The southwestern colours veritably pop out of its hand painted Brushstrokes series of Mexican Talavera tiles, while its Motawi line provokes discussion and enlightenment with its designs inspired by the traditions of Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

Of course, Bullnose also carries more understated and sophisticated looks, as well as a range of pebble mosaics and stone tile designs.

About Bullnose Tile & Stone

Bullnose Tile & Stone was founded in Vancouver in 1992 by the husband and wife team of Steve and Laura Weiss. They work directly with manufacturers and artisans who produce tiles to Bullnose’s precise specifications, including an array of glaze colours developed by Bullnose exclusively for Western Canada.

What you won’t find from Bullnose are factory tiles made for the masses. Bullnose Tile & Stone products are handcrafted, perfectly imperfect and one-of-a-kind. In every way, they are designed to stand out.
To get a closer look at Bullnose Tile & Stone products, and to find the tile that will work best for your space, visit our huge flooring showroom and warehouse in Courtenay.

At Comox Valley Floors, we have the largest flooring stock anywhere on Vancouver Island. Come down today to get a closer look at Bullnose Tile & Stone!

Olympia Tile & Stone – Serving Canada since 1927


Get Olympia tile flooring in the heart of the Comox Valley

Think about the consistent quality a tile flooring company has to deliver to remain in business for nine decades. That’s exactly the kind of quality Olympia Tile & Stone is known for throughout Canada and North America.

Established in 1927 as “Montreal Floor and Wall Tile” and later merged with Olympia Tile, one of our favourite tile flooring companies has since grown to encompass more than 50 facilities covering more than 4.2 million square feet.

That kind of clout allows Olympia Tile & Stone to manufacture floor and wall tile products that are both crafted to the highest quality and are priced economically due to volume purchasing.

In 1980, Olympia acquired Flextile, which to this day is the only Canadian-owned vinyl flooring tile manufacturing plant.


Olympia’s extensive product line encompasses a wide range of tile flooring and wall tile products, plus Flextile and a wide selection of tile slabs.

To help find the tile that will work best for your space, visit our huge flooring showroom and warehouse in Courtenay.

At Comox Valley Floors, we have the largest flooring stock anywhere on Vancouver Island. Come down today to get a closer look at Olympia Tile & Stone!

Canadian-Made: Laurentian Hardwood


Laurentian Hardwood is manufactured by Canada’s leading flooring company, Shnier. This beautiful flooring is created specifically for Canada’s climate using our own domestic species. As a company with a long-standing history in Canada, Shnier works hard to maintain an inclusive corporate culture that promotes the well-being of its employees. The result is a group of people who create a high-quality product that they are proud to see in your home.

To find out more about our Canadian-made hardwood flooring products, come down to our showroom at 2920 A Moray Ave. in Courtenay.

Kentwood Hardwood Flooring – Uncompromising quality


Why we’re proud to carry quality hardwood flooring from Kentwood
When it comes to choosing hardwood flooring for your home or office, finding hardwood that looks great is only part of the equation. You also want a hardwood floor that is built to last, designed to preserve the air quality of your space and manufactured in a sustainable manner. And of course, your hardwood should look unequivocally stunning.

That’s why we’re proud to carry Kentwood Hardwood Flooring.

Spectacular hardwood flooring

When Kentwood opened its doors in 2003, its founders set an incredibly high standard for quality. Kentwood specializes in hardwood floors that celebrate the infinite variety and natural beauty of real wood, make a bold design statement and are manufactured to last a lifetime.

The company’s collection of hardwood flooring includes a dizzying array of colours, species, designs and textures that evoke the awe-inspiring landscapes of Kentwood’s West Coast home. From its connoisseur-level Couture Collection to its more budget-conscious Elements line, Kentwood Hardwood Flooring provides an elegant look to any space.

Environmentally friendly wood flooring

While Kentwood sets an impeccable standard for quality, it’s not willing to sacrifice environmental stewardship to get there.

Kentwood Hardwood Flooring lives by a wide-ranging corporate environmental program that touches every aspect of product development and manufacture. From responsible forestry and focusing on flooring that’s built to last a lifetime, to supporting organizations that promote responsible land use and encouraging its customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, Kentwood does everything it can to minimize its environmental impact.

Hardwood flooring that won’t harm air quality

We’ve all heard about how off-gassing from new flooring and other products can affect the indoor air quality of a home. Not so when it comes to Kentwood Hardwood Flooring.

In its commitment to preserving indoor air quality and formaldehyde emissions, Kentwood goes far beyond current regulations. In fact, it tests all of its engineered flooring against the air quality standard that’s widely considered the strictest in the world: California’s CA Section 01350. LEED considers this standard to be the best indicator of a floor’s ability to contribute to high indoor air quality.

To learn more about the indoor air quality in your own home, watch this short video from Kentwood: “What’s Your IAQ?”

At Comox Valley Floors, we have the largest flooring stock anywhere on Vancouver Island. Come down to our huge flooring showroom and warehouse in Courtenay to see Kentwood Hardwood Flooring for yourself!

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 At Comox Valley Floor Centre, we supply and install the largest selection of stylish and affordable flooring choices on Vancouver Island.

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The latest trends in hardwood flooring

The latest trends in hardwood flooring is wider boards, textured surfaces and natural grey toned patinas

Over the last decade, hardwood floor trends have been influenced by leading designers and flooring manufacturers with custom capabilities. Three current trends in hardwood flooring include: wider boards, textured surfaces and natural grey toned patinas.

Comox Valley Floors has the latest trends in hardwood flooringWider

While a 6” width was once considered wide plank, 7” is now common with 8” widths readily available. The popularity of these wide boards is increasing, and their use is expanding.


In recent years, the popularity of wire brushed and hand scraped floors have steadily increased, and now account for the majority of hardwood flooring purchased today. The more textured the surface, the less likely it is that dents or light scratches will be noticed, increasing its appeal for use in an active household.

Grey tone

Lastly, an emerging trend in hardwood flooring is the use of a process called fuming to achieve a natural grey patina. With advancements in technology, achieving a grey floor is no longer limited to applying a stain or glaze, which often results in an artificial look. Manufacturers are now able to reproduce traditional fuming processes in a controlled environment with predictable results.

Find the latest trends in hardwood flooring at Comox Valley Floors

At Comox Valley Floors, our friendly design experts are available to help you find the hardwood flooring that you’re looking for, and offer more tips for improving your space.

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This excerpt has been reposted with permission of one our amazing Canadian harwood flooring suppliers, Antique Impressions.