Whether you have carpet, laminate or hardwood floors, an area rug can change the look of a room instantly. Do you want to brighten a room or find that perfect accent to tie the style of a room together? An area rug may be the perfect solution.

Comox Valley Floor Centre carries a huge inventory of beautiful area rugs. No matter what colour, style or texture you’re looking for, we’re confident that we have the perfect area rug for your home.

How to choose an area rug

When you choose an area rug, you’ll need to keep in mind what kind of activities happen in the room. Is it a high-traffic area? A room where kids play on the floor? Knowing this can help us give you the best advice on materials.

The furniture in the room, not necessarily the size of the room itself, dictates the size of the area rug. The rug should be underneath all of the furniture at least a little bit. In a living room, the rug should also be at least the same width as the couch, or wider. It’s also a good idea to match shapes – a round rug for a round table, and vice versa. The rule is different for hallways, however – the furniture should be off the rug and the rug should fit the space thoroughly.

Did you know we offer a spectacular custom rug service?

We have a huge selection of carpet sample boards and can help you custom-design the look and feel of your new area rug. Come down to our showroom today to experience our amazing customer service and myriad flooring options!