Why we’re proud to carry quality hardwood flooring from Kentwood
When it comes to choosing hardwood flooring for your home or office, finding hardwood that looks great is only part of the equation. You also want a hardwood floor that is built to last, designed to preserve the air quality of your space and manufactured in a sustainable manner. And of course, your hardwood should look unequivocally stunning.

That’s why we’re proud to carry Kentwood Hardwood Flooring.

Spectacular hardwood flooring

When Kentwood opened its doors in 2003, its founders set an incredibly high standard for quality. Kentwood specializes in hardwood floors that celebrate the infinite variety and natural beauty of real wood, make a bold design statement and are manufactured to last a lifetime.

The company’s collection of hardwood flooring includes a dizzying array of colours, species, designs and textures that evoke the awe-inspiring landscapes of Kentwood’s West Coast home. From its connoisseur-level Couture Collection to its more budget-conscious Elements line, Kentwood Hardwood Flooring provides an elegant look to any space.

Environmentally friendly wood flooring

While Kentwood sets an impeccable standard for quality, it’s not willing to sacrifice environmental stewardship to get there.

Kentwood Hardwood Flooring lives by a wide-ranging corporate environmental program that touches every aspect of product development and manufacture. From responsible forestry and focusing on flooring that’s built to last a lifetime, to supporting organizations that promote responsible land use and encouraging its customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, Kentwood does everything it can to minimize its environmental impact.

Hardwood flooring that won’t harm air quality

We’ve all heard about how off-gassing from new flooring and other products can affect the indoor air quality of a home. Not so when it comes to Kentwood Hardwood Flooring.

In its commitment to preserving indoor air quality and formaldehyde emissions, Kentwood goes far beyond current regulations. In fact, it tests all of its engineered flooring against the air quality standard that’s widely considered the strictest in the world: California’s CA Section 01350. LEED considers this standard to be the best indicator of a floor’s ability to contribute to high indoor air quality.

To learn more about the indoor air quality in your own home, watch this short video from Kentwood: “What’s Your IAQ?”

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